Sharing and Inspiring the World Through Writing

“One bullet of a gun can penetrate one head, but one writing can penetrate more than thousands of head”

The utterance above implies the power and the impact of writing. Yes, writing has impact and power. It is more powerful than the power of gun. It is inspiring the mind of people to react, both positively and negatively.

Furthermore, writing is to think. So, learning to write means learning to think. Writing and thinking are the ways to stay healthy in mind and exist forever, even though we have died. Our thoughts, through the writing we wrote, would still be there in the people’s mind to inspire them.

However, some of us may have underestimated writing. We assume that writing is easy, cheap, and light. But it is not. The proof is, how many people pursue the profession by becoming writers? And how many really qualified writers? Certainly not much. The least. I myself made a blog aimed at writing. For me, writing is creative work and inspiring work. Writing is really fun, can channel thoughts while giving inspiration to others. We never know how many people feel inspired by our writing and make positive changes. We also never know how much change we can make with writing. Not surprising, if propaganda is currently delivered through writing in onlie media. Starting hoaxes to political news.

Discussing the matter of writing, I remember the words of Buya Hamka, “If you want to live forever and be remembered by your history, please write”, and also the legendary words of Pram, “People may be clever as high as the sky, but if he doesn’t write, he will disappear from civilization.” Writing is perpetuating yourself. We will age, die, and perish but not with writing. We can get to know the companions of the prophets, religious scholars, philosophers, and classical novels also because of writing. Our mouths may be silent but not with writing. Sometimes writing cannot be compared. It is often like a flood. The more dammed, the bigger it gets.

An imprisoned body can only be free by writing. In the past, the nation’s fathers were imprisoned by invaders. But they remained steadfast in writing. There is no problem as long as there are books and typewriters. Everything is fine.

I might not be able to give the impact of writing as great as JK Rowling who told Harry Poter’s story to the whole world through a novel or I am not like Eka Kurniawan whose book was published abroad. I am just someone with a simple blog and a small number of writings who want to share and inspire the world through writing.

Best Wishes,


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