My Resolution in 2019

The new year is the right year to make a resolution. Because in the new year, we have to know what we have to do for one year. Without resolution, our lives are empty and don’t know what our goals are. The resolution should not only be written or euphoric to welcome the beginning of the year. But it must really be done so that we become better humans than before. After reflecting, produce the resolution in 2019. Soon 2019 will come.

What is my resolution in 2019?

Become a better person

Everyone certainly wants to be a better person. Me too. I want to be a better human being in the future compared to the past. I will try to correct all my mistakes and become a better human being. I will receive criticism and suggestions from people around me so that I can find out what my shortcomings have been.

Always learn new things

As a school teacher, I feel that humans are creatures who will never stop learning. There may be times when someone will complete the stage of academic education. But not by learning. Study not only in formal school. The real school is life. Life is far more complex than formal school. We will deal with various problems and various different people’s characters. This requires someone, including me, to learn new things. I’m sure what I know is not much even though I have lived for decades. Instead, there are more things that I don’t know than I know.

Do more positive things

People say that time is money. But for me, time is precious. It is a very valuable thing. In 2019, I want to do more positive things than negative things. I will not waste a lot of time just doing activities that have no benefits. I will spend more time working, working, and enjoying my life without complaining.

Eat healthy food and lots of exercise

Very few people really pay attention to their health. In fact, health is an irreplaceable fortune. I might include people who sometimes ignore health. I still consume junk food and pay less attention to the health of the food I consume. Sometimes, I’m also still lazy to exercise. I prefer to relax or sleep than to exercise to burn fat and make my body healthy. In fact, my age can no longer be young. By 40 years, I have to pay more attention to my health.

Enjoy simple things

In 2018, I may complain more than be grateful. In 2019, I will be grateful more often than complain. I will make myself happier by enjoying simple things. I will enjoy my work now, I will enjoy gathering with my family, I will enjoy a walk in nature on Sunday morning. I feel that it will make me happier. Yes, by enjoying simple things.

Do more action than talk

I also don’t want to be a member of NATO (No Action Talk Only). I think 2018 is more what I’m talking about than I do. It’s better for 2019, I will just go back. It’s better to work a lot and reduce speech. Working on giving results while talking only will bring bad things.



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  1. Nicely written. Somehow, for me, I’m still afraid of lacking consistency of what I’ve planned.

    May be its time for me to change my attitude. Deciding ”how” instead of many ”what” achievements for the coming year.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

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