If I Am Rich

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Wealth might be what most people want. Who doesn’t want to be rich? Those who want to be rich certainly hope that their lives become wealthy. Those who are wealthy surely want to live well and not lack anything. Buy anything you want by cash so you don’t have to think about installments every month, debt can be repaid immediately, and you don’t need to pay attention if it’s already mid-month, the money will run out. Nor do you have to think about working with heavy hours per day, but your income is still mediocre.

That’s why, I also want to be rich. I am now trying hard to be rich both materially and spiritually.
I have many desires just like other humans. Likewise, if I really get rich, then I also have a lot of wish lists. I hope my wealth can be a blessing, and I can be happier too. I don’t want my wealth to make me suffer.

If I’m rich, then I will……

Enjoy life by visiting new places

People often call traveling or traveling. Actually, I have many dream places that I want to visit both within the country and outside this country. I want to let go of the tiredness of the routine that whacked me every day. Every time I come home from traveling, I feel like getting new energy to get back on the move. I became fresher and more energetic. Therefore, if I am rich, I will visit more new places so that I can make myself a better person. By traveling to a new place that is unfamiliar to us, we will study the character of others, the culture of others, even the language of others.

Give more to those who are less fortunate

I know it feels hungry, and I know it feels like I can’t afford something when I need it. Yes, I have lived in a state of disadvantage. Every time I see people who are less fortunate, I feel deep empathy. Really. I feel it. If God is pleased to give me a lot of wealth in the future, I want to give more to those who are less fortunate. I want to send orphans or underprivileged children, I want to provide basic food every month for people in need, I want to donate more money to help others.

Building a new business

If I’m rich, I won’t just relax. I will build a new business that is more promising for me. This business will be passive income in my old age. I want to leave this businesse to my children and descendants, so that they can be prosperous and not lacking.

Invest money wisely

If I’m rich later, then I will invest my money wisely. Investment is something that is done by rich people to turn the cycle of their money and make it excessive. I want this investment to make money, so I don’t have to work, I will still get enough money. I want to maintain the “financial freedom” status that I hold today.

Quality time with family

Quality time with family may be one of the most important plans when I get rich later. Family is the most valuable asset. Those who always accompany me during joy and sorrow. If I am rich, I will spend more time with them.

Well, those are my wish lists if I’m rich. How about you? [Desfortin]


  1. Mr.Desfortin…what you wish if you’re rich it is so great but don’t you think that rich people want in your position…the rich person usually have no time to their family cos they’re so busy in running their bussiness…so don’t wait for being wealth to help others we can still help others from now


    • I see, Nande. That’s why, I wanna be different. For now I can’t do more.

      Well, it doesn’t mean I don’t help other people now. Don’t get me wrong. I mean, if I’m rich I can do more.


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