Some Ridiculous Facts about Me

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Hey, what kind of title is that above? Why it is about my self, about something ridiculous, am I trying to pour my heart to everyone here? I don’t really think so. But yes, it is about me, about my lacks. πŸ™‚

Is it good to tell? Well, I don’t mean to make my self ashamed actually. I just want to tell you about who I am from the other side. I know that not many people are willing to freely share about themselves in front of the public, especially for something ridiculous like this. However, I just want to suppose and consider this as a kind of challenge.

Isn’t it right that we should be honest if we want to be known by others, not only for something special that we have? For me, as long as it is not breaking the politeness norm, it is just alright to be done. And I also think that it is good if there is no any lie between us.

This time, through this short English post, I’m gonna be telling you 4 ridiculous facts about me in which some of you do not know yet.

#1. I am afraid of syringe needle

I am a man, guys. Can you imagine a man who is afraid of syringe or injection needle? It’s really ridiculous, right? Even my wife wonders knowing that a syringe is something I am afraid of. I do not know why it is so. I forget whether I had bad experience or not in the past. But it surely happens when I have been adult.

Two months ago, I had typhus fever. I had suffered from this illness for about 5 days. I didn’t want to be injected by any nurse or doctor even though my wife had persuaded me. She said that if I wanted to get better soon I had to be injected. But I rejected it. I was so afraid of the injection. I prefer having some medicine to having injection. And thanks to God that I finally got cured from the fever after taking the medicine.

Therefore, every time I suffer from an illness, say fever, I never want to be injected. I prefer some drugs to injection. I would mind to be injected if I really suffer from a very severe illness. Once again, this fact makes my wife and my other family really wonder. They seem to be confused about this kind of fear I have. It sounds ridiculous for them. Don’t you also wonder and feel ridiculous, guys? Or, you are in the same boat with me?

#2. I cannot use chopsticks when eating

I was born in a poor family. Since I was a kid I used to eat using my hand. I didn’t use to eat using any any spoon or fork until I had studied at Senior High School and my family had got better life.

When I was grown up, I know another way of eating; using chopsticks. I know as well that this kind of eating way is a culture from Chinese or Japanese people. To me, it is a unique and great thing. It seems to have a certain philosophy. It is also a good way when eating noodle.

Actually, I really want to be able to eat using chopsticks when eating noodle. They are usually available on the table of every stall I visit. I have been trying to do it again and again, but I always fail at last.

Someday, when I was in Jakarta, I was invited by my friend to have dinner at one of the Japanese restaurants in Tangerang city. To my surprise, no spoon and fork were around the table, except the chopsticks. Oh my God, I was so embarrassed being there with him that I finally (willy-nilly) asked for a spoon and a fork to eat the meal I ordered. πŸ™‚ LOL

Until now I still cannot use any chopsticks when eating. For me, it is very difficult to do. Poor me!! But I still hope I will be able to eat using chopsticks someday. Anyone can help and teach me?

#3. I do not eat any eel.

When I was a kid I used to see my father eating eel as his meals at home, but I knew that my mother did not use to eat any eel. Perhaps, I tend to follow my mom. In my mind, eel is included in the family of snake (although it is not). You know, I’m so fearful of the snake. I hate snake.

That’s why, in spite of the eel is very delicious and nutritious to eat, as many people say, I am still not used to eating it. It is not because of the eel is haram animal or not, but I think that it is just disgusting to eat.

How about you, guys? Do you ever eat any eel?

#4. I often get motion sickness (carsick) when going by car for a long trip

When I was in college, I used to go from my home village to the city where I studied using buses or cars. Of course it was a long trip. It took about 10 hours to arrive. And the saddest experience I ever had on the trip was that I often got motion sickness or carsick. I often vomited on the way. Perhaps my body was not healthy. But surely, it was so painful and embarrassing as well. I hate it.

Consequently, I always take some medicine (antimo) to anticipate my carsick when I was about to go by car for a long trip. But for some opportunites, I still got carsick even though I had taken the medicine. You know, it was so bad and annoying.

Since that time, I hate going by car for a long trip. If I have to choose between car and bus for traveling, I prefer to choose bus to car. And I like to go by motorcycle better than by car or bus.

Toward this ridiculous fact, some people say, including my friends, that I don’t deserve to be a rich person as I always experience carsick when going by car. But they also say that I might not get carsick or motion sickness anymore if I am the driver, not the passenger. Is that really so? Should I try to prove it? Anyone can help me? Or any suggestion for me? I feel so bad. πŸ™‚

Well, guys, those were some ridiculous facts about me. Actually, I was rather embarrassed telling them. But I also do not want to keep them secretly. I prefer if other people know me as who I am. Not only for my potencies or skills, but also my my lacks or weaknesses.

Now, what do you think about me after reading this post? I hope you can understand and help me to cope with that.

Well, that was my story, guys. I have told you already. What about your story? Would you mind sharing yours here? Don’t hesitate to write down your comments below.

Best regard,



  1. Everybody’s got something they fear of. So am i, and i’m afraid of height. My leg is easily shivering when i am at high places, especially on the rooftop. But for you, at least Doctor is using medicine as an alternative, intead of using syringe needle all the time
    I am not good using chopstick too. But i think we have time to learn how to use it better.
    It’s hard to find eel in my area, but i have tried a snack of eel and it’s tasty. I also hate snake, but not eel. Even the shape is a bit disgusting somehow.
    I have the some problem during traveling by car. I am prone to be car sick. It feels very uncomfortable, especially when we feel dizzy and something will come out from our stomach. You are not alone, sir.

    And i also have some ridicolous fact..

    I am not good in driving motorcycle, honestly there are many kids who have better skill than me in this case. That’s why my mom still do mind to go with me.
    I am not good in farming, yes this skill also still can be learned. Butiving in a village where everyone is working as a farmer, it makes me like an alien then.
    I’m a moody person, i can be so nice and polite, but in half minute i can be so harsh or even arrogant. I’m still fighting with this thing. Because if i can handle my mood, it will ruin my connectin to people.

    Ah, i got many things to tell, but may be next time.

    Maaf nih kalo inggris awut-awutan. Hheee

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

  2. Well, those are not ridiculous to me. Many people are afraid of syringe, snake, and height, including me
    Even, I’m afraid of dog. Imagine I have to stay in Germany, where people love dog and most of them have it as pet and part of family member.


    • Yes, for some people being afraid of syringe is not ridiculous. But for me, it is ridiculous if I see my self as an adult man.

      Being afraid of dog can be caused by many factors, actually. In my mind, one of them is because you were not accustomed to it since you were a child; religion doctrine may trigger the feeling.


    • Yes, using chopsticks is about habit. Since I am not accustomed to chopsticks I can’t use them. I agree with you, it seems that I need to practice using them.

      Thanks Nu Na


  3. Waaa bahasa Inggris. Terus saya balesnya pake Inggris juga? 😨😨😨 😞

    Pengen pake Bahasa aja. Boleh kan? πŸ˜›

    Well, cukup aneh takut suntikan. Padahal gak sakit lho. Pra nyuntiknya aja bikin deg2an. Kalo saya lebih takut ‘suntikan’ tawon, ketimbang jarum suntik dokter.

    Sama, saya juga gak terlalu pandai pakek sumpit. Kayaknya kalo dibawa ke kedai ramen bakal minta sendok atau garpu deh. Duh malunya. πŸ˜—

    Saya suka belut! Yeay! Enak. Gurih. Keripik belut enak. 😁 Cikgu coba deh. Hihi…

    Carsick. Saya kadang juga begitu. Biasanya terangsang sama bau. Kadang mobil pribadi atau bis sukak ada bau khasnya kan. Nah, kadang baunya bikin dada gak enak. Biar gak mabuk, saya ngemil permen sambil dengerin musik pakek headset. Gak pernah tidur. Karena kalo punggung nyandar ke kursi rasanya mual πŸ˜…

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

    • Hehe… gpp, pkai Bahasa jg ok..toh sy org Indonesia jg..

      Klau pkai Bahasa, jawaban sy pun pke Bahasa, haha …

      Iya, sy takut bnget disuntik..ngeri aja…tubuh dan daging ditusuk sgla…hiii… aneh dan konyol kan… itulah sy…
      Ya iyalah, aplgi suntikan tawon, sy bs lbh takut…

      Wah, tp msh bs mkai sumpit syukurlah. Sy, gak bs sma skili πŸ™ˆ

      Sy mabuk prjlnan itu klau utk long trip aj sih, tp klau sy udah minum obat anti mabuk mka hrs tdur (tdurnya gak nyandar, nunduk gitu; sy jg takut nyandarin kpala ke kursi mobil/bis) dan slpas tidur baru bs lbh tenang..

      Disukai oleh 1 orang

      • Sejak kecil saya udah biasa disuntik soalnya, sering sakit atau kena DBD. Jadi mungkin udah biasa πŸ˜…

        Kalo perjalanan bukan malam hari, saya gak mau tidur. Lebih asik menikmati perjalanan. Ngomentarin dalam hati apa yang kelihatan di jalan. πŸ˜‚ Makanya kalo di bis, suka incar kursi belakang supir.

        Disukai oleh 1 orang

        • Iya, klau sjak kcil trbiasa tentu gak mslh sama syringe.

          Klau sy duduk pling blkang psti mabuk, sy juga suka milih duduk d bgian dpan, tp ttp hrs minum obat anti mabuk, dan itu uncomfortable bnget…

          Disukai oleh 1 orang

  4. Waaaa, saya mau bilang banyak Mas Des. Tapi masih buka-buka kamus buat nulisnya *bahasa inggris saya jelek heuheu. Jadi saya komen pake bahasa Indo saja gapapa yaa. Hehe

    Takut suntikan : mungkin kalau buat laki2 agak gimana takut suntikan, kalau saya sih memang takut sekali suntikan. πŸ˜‚ gara2 dulu pas imunisasi SD, jarumnya nancep dalam banget. Sakit banget. Entah perasaan saya saja atau jarumnya memang nancep dalem. Semenjak itu saya ga mau disuntik.Tapi saya berani kalau donor darah, meskipun sama-sama jarum dan jarumnya donor lebih besar. πŸ˜… dulu pas sakit 2 minggu juga cuma mau pake obat saja.

    Pake sumpit, saya malah ga bisa Mas Des. Pernah nyoba waktu makan mie, temen sekamar pake sumpit, saya nyoba ga bisa. Ah, mending pake sendok. Kasihan juga deh saya 😦

    Belut, itu enak Mas Des. Saya suka. Waktu kecil klaupun ada ikan wader, saya lbih suka belutnya. πŸ˜€ tapi teman saya sekamar dulu jg ga bisa makan belut. Pertama karena geli, dan kedua karena habis makan dia kayak ga bisa jalan. Lemes kakinya. Entah sugesti entah apa.

    Carsick..di keluarga saya yg suka mabukan kalau pergi jauh ibu dan adik. Tp belakangan ini saya sering bilang ke adik saya, “mabuk itu sugesti, karena kamu sudah berpikir akan mabuk nantinya.” Terus saya kasih dia permen, atau sya suruh dia mandangin jalan. Biar teralihkan. Kalau masalah baunya mobil yg bikin mabuk, mungkin perlu pake masker, setidaknya sedikit membantu.
    Dengan jd driver mungkin ga mau. Saya pikir mungkn ini ada benarnya Mas Des. Soalnya kalau orang nyopir dia konsentrasi pada jalan dan nyetirnya. Tp selama ini belum nemu orang yg mabuk tp waktu jd driver ga mabuk sih. Hehe. Mungkin bsa dicoba Mas Des. hehe

    Waaa. Maafkan komen saya panjang sekalii

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

    • Silakan, mbak Ikha. Gpp.

      Gitu ya, mbak. Ad kesamaan kita ya, hee… beneran, takut jarum suntik sy. Tp klau donor darah sy jg prnh kok mbak, udah 3 kli mlah slma hdup sy; waktu sy kuliah dulu. Yg sy takut itu klau diinjeksi ke dlm daging (nancep dlm) klau k pembuluh darah yg d lengan sy msh bs trima, πŸ™ˆπŸ˜€

      Iya, belut itu enak ktanya. Tp sy geli gmn gitu, kyak mkan ular..hii…

      Mungkin sj carsick itu sugesti, tp utk sy kyaknya krn memang faktor fisik sj yg lemah..

      Thanks for your long comment.

      Disukai oleh 1 orang

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